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(posted on 17 Dec 2023)

By mid-December in Montréal we usually have a good layer of snow on the ground, so I'd been planning to try plein-air painting in snow - for the first time - today. Unfortunately Mother Nature had other almost-winter plans, and a wave of wet and mild weather melted our snow overnight. There's even an Environment Canada "rain warning" in effect for Monday, when we'd instead expect "snowfall warnings" in this area.

So I'm hoping for not only a White Christmas this year, but also for mild enough weather for me to attempt plein-air (outdoor) painting with my watercolours. If the weather's too cold, of course, the water I use for painting will freeze. 

Whatever it is that you're hoping for, as spring draws to a close and winter begins, I hope that you get your wish. Happiness and health above all, for you and your loved ones, no matter which holidays you celebrate - or none.

And enjoy this photo I snapped in our yard, while we still had some snow!