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(posted on 9 Jun 2024)

My solo show "Watercolours on Two Wheels", at McGill University, will wrap up on June 21st after a 3-month run.
The show is open to the public, with no fees, at the MCLL Lounge in McGill's School of Continuing Studies - part of the McGill Community for Lifelong Learning.
This exhibition features watercolour paintings from - or based on - my adventures cycling around western Montréal Island.
There are plein-air works, painted entirely using my bike-as-easel set-up, and studio watercolours from sketches done during my bike-ride rest breaks.
I curated a mix of florals, landscapes, waterscapes, and wildlife paintings, to reflect the beauty and diversity of this area; farms, historic buildings, lakes, nature parks, rivers, streams, and even a vineyard!
As usual, I took the opportunity of my Artist's Statement for the show to focus on chronic pain, noting that I began learning to paint and draw in 2021 as a technique to help manage several symptoms of my bizarre autoimmune and neuro-inflammatory disease.
This art-learning began as movement-therapy and chronic pain management for my right hand and arm - severely impacted by CRPS - and as brain-plasticity or neuroplasticity training for my CRPS-related Mild Cognitive Impairment.

Exhibition details:
"Watercolours on Two Wheels"
680 Sherbrooke West, Suite 229
Montréal (next to the McCord Museum)
Mon-Thu 0900 to 1700
Fridays    0900 to 1500
Closed weekends & evenings.