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(posted on 11 Feb 2024)

I've been having fun this week, in advance of the SuperBowl American Football championship game tonight, following all the "Superb Owl" memes on social media. This annual trend began because of reports several years ago that typing errors had led to a spike in online searches for "superb owl" rather than the intended "Super Bowl".

"Instead of Super Bowl information, one small typo later and your search results are filled with owl content instead.
And we’d like to encourage you to lean into the error.
Because owls truly are “superb.” 
These birds are a far cry from football, but over the years the trend has gained significant popularity.
So much so, that many people flood the internet with photos of owls before the Super Bowl each year. (And you know what a gathering of owls is called, right? A parliament.)
This internet phenomenon puts these feathery creatures in the spotlight, which ultimately aids awareness, said Matt Williams, director of conservation with the Indiana chapter of The Nature Conservancy.
“I say anything that helps get the message out about the importance of conservation is a good thing”
"Owl photos are flooding the internet ahead of the Super Bowl. Here’s why", by Megan Marples, CNN, 09 Feb 2024

So in honour of the 2024 SuperBowl tonight, here's my favourite watercolour sketch of an owl; one I painted last year.
Happy Superb Owl day to you, wherever you are!